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Patreon now has three creator plans: Lite, Pro, and Premium. Our primary goal is to fund the creative class and to do that, we need to meet creators wherever they are in their career, and help them grow in a way that's right for them.

With that mission in mind, we designed Patreon Lite with a less is more approach. Not every creator who joins Patreon wants or is ready for our full suite of features, and we get that. Lite has everything you need to quickly set up recurring support from your fans. Plus, it gives you the tools you need to grow your membership business.

For a complete listing of features included with Patreon Lite, read on here or visit our help center. The beauty of Lite is in its simplicity. Lite makes membership more streamlined for you, too. All you have to decide is how you want to interact with your patrons and whether you want to offer a benefit, build community, or simply keep patrons updated on your work and your process.

To help you decide, here are three business models we observed from other creators that would work well with Patreon Lite. Your audience loves your work, and getting an intimate, behind the scenes look into your creative journey is valuable to them. Sure, social media provides a space to share information with your fans. But with Patreon, you can take your connection with them to another level. Here are a couple ideas for using access as a benefit for your patrons:.

Release big news to your patrons first : Are you a stand-up comedian announcing a new tour? Before you tell everyone on social media, tell your patrons about it first. Then, when they see they see the announcement elsewhere, they will be excited knowing you told them about it first.

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Get real with them : On Patreon, you have the opportunity to communicate with your most loyal fans. That means you can be more real with them on your creator page than you can be on social media.

Write a post to your patrons telling them what you are looking forward to in your creative journey. Or, make a patron-only video describing a particular challenge you are facing. Not only will getting personal with your patrons make them feel closer to you, it will provide them a deeper level of insight into your creative endeavor.

Creating exclusive content for your patrons is a surefire way to add value to your membership. But sharing exclusive content provides another benefit to your patrons that is more subtle: they feel great knowing that you made something for them, and only them. Here are a couple ideas for using exclusive content as a benefit for your patrons:. Give them behind-the-scenes content : No matter what kind of creator you are, one item that everyone can offer is a look behind the curtain.

Your patrons would love to learn more about what the final product they like so much looked like in the beginning. Give them more of what they love : Your audience already likes your work. So, instead of pulling your hair out trying to figure out something new you can give them, why not just give them more of what they love?Patreon announced today that it was creating multiple pricing tiers for its membership service, with varying levels of features offered depending on price.

Patreon therefore needs additional revenue streams, and, unsurprisingly, it is already developing them. The company is preparing to offer additional functionality to creators in exchange for a higher cut of their revenue.

As Peckham wrote:. If membership gains mainstream traction among mid-tail creators and if Patreon both through its Patreon platform and Memberful subsidiary secures dominant market share as this market expands, it will be in a powerful position to offer ancillary services that could be quite lucrative. Peckham noted financial services such as loans, as well as options like health insurance as potentially large categories of value-added services that could make the miserly revenue scrape much more bearable for the company long-term.

As Peckham wrote: If membership gains mainstream traction among mid-tail creators and if Patreon both through its Patreon platform and Memberful subsidiary secures dominant market share as this market expands, it will be in a powerful position to offer ancillary services that could be quite lucrative.Crowdfunding site Patreon, which currently helps aroundYouTube creators and others make a living out of their work, has just announced some major changes to its pricing system.

Before, the platform deployed a single price plan for all Patreon creators. Patreon Lite, for example, retains the 5 percent cut for the company and comes without any tiers and benefits different tiers can offer supporters different benefits according to the amount of their donation. This is the ideal plan for quick setup. Patreon Pro is close to the current plan and is the one existing creators will be automatically placed into, with the 5 percent rate remaining. New sign-ups, however, will be charged an 8 percent Patreon fee.

Patreon Pro offers features such as membership tiers, analytics and insights, and unlimited app integrations. Geared toward larger creator operations, Patreon Premium offers everything in Pro, plus the services of a dedicated partner manager and team accounts, among other benefits.

For all payments from supporters outside the U. Patreon is keen to point out that these rates are for creators who join the platform after the new plans launch in May, in other words, creators who launch on Patreon before these changes will retain their current processing rates. How to make a Minecraft server 1 day ago. The best iPhone apps April 2 days ago. Every electric car available in 2 days ago. The best desktop PCs for small businesses in April 1, The best firewalls for small businesses in April 1, The best small business routers in April 1, The best VoIP services for April 1, The best tablets for small businesses in April 1, The best security camera systems for small businesses in April 1, Crowdfunding in the age of coronavirus April 1, Wyze tweak lets you use its security camera as a work webcam April 2, Slack vs.

Microsoft Teams April 3, As artists, YouTubers are well aware of this fact which only seems to fuel their sense of self-doubt. So, imagine there is a body or an organization that helps to YouTubers to continue what they are doing without worrying about money. This is where Patreon fits perfectly. Patreon is a crowdfunding website where creators can earn some revenue on what they create in their respective field. This can be writing, music, vlogging, teaching, podcasts, comic book, sketching, blogging, dancing or any kind of art that deserves attention and revenue to create that.

Wondering about Patreon Lite and how to use it? Read on.

Traditionally, crowdfunding is a method of raising a few bucks through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. Some post daily, some post three times a week, or post as per latest trends. Ex — Movie reviewers and news reporting channels.

Here, per month and Per Podcast is two funding options available on their website. Per month will act with per month, patrons are charged a flat rate each month depending on their pledge amount. Creators using this model will not be able to charge patrons for individual posts. Per Podcast will act per video or submission. Patrons will be charged for all the paid posts from the previous month with the flexibility to place a monthly cap on their pledges. YouTube crowdfunding is meant for donating to charities.

They collaborate with desired NonProfit Organizations and raise money for a cause. Check out our article detailing this process to know more. Patreon funding is for creators to earn ongoing revenue directly from their fans.

Patreon now offers creators 3 plans, with fees ranging from 5-12%

Here are the steps that the creator must fill to start a patreon page. Just like how channel trailers are used on YouTube, feature tags will help you highlight the best work on their Patreon page. To set the feature tags, go to your page editor, and look for the Featured Tags card on the bottom-left corner of the page.

In YouTube, using the Patreon end card will help Youtubers to pitch their channel to non-subscribed viewers and converting them into subscribers and generate more patrons. Being an artist, movie buff and a media enthusiast, content writing is my career train.

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Patreon splits its service to cater for different creators

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patreon lite

Video Intelligence. Brand Safety. Creator Dashboard. MCN Software.Patreon is rolling out a new price plan structure. Announced today, the new system comprises Patreon Lite, Patreon Pro and Patreon Premium -- three tiers that, according to the company, are designed to better match the needs of creators.

Patreon Lite is intended for future creators who want a basic membership option. This includes a hosted creator page, patron communication tools and access to Patreon workshops, and will be charged at five percent of the income earned on the platform, plus payment processing. Patreon Pro includes everything in the Lite plan, plus individual membership tiers, analytics and targets, special offer promo tools, masterclasses, unlimited app integrations and priority customer support.

This will be charged at eight percent of the income earned on the platform, plus payment processing.

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If you're an existing creator, however, you'll be given 'founder status', and placed in the Pro plan with your current pricing and payment processing rates, so you won't be affected by these changes, cost-wise. There will also be a founders option for Patreon Premium, but this plan currently has limited availability and will be rolling out slowly over the coming months.

This one is designed for established businesses with a large following, and includes everything in Pro, plus a dedicated partner manager, merch and team accounts. It'll be priced at 12 percent of your income plus payment processingor nine percent if you're an existing creator. According to the company, creator feedback was "instrumental" in shaping these plans, which were designed following surveys, roundtables, meetups and focus groups with "thousands" of Patreon users.

Existing creators won't be affected by the changes, but the company will evidently have given some thought to how they could affect future uptake.

As Patreon recently announcedthough, with three million people supporting more thancreators on its site, it's currently doing just fine. Buyer's Guide. Log in.

patreon lite

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Add to Wishlist. We believe people who make things should get paid for the value they give to the world. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Fans pay creators of all kinds a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences and behind-the-scenes content.

Creators get a meaningful revenue stream and fans get closer to the creators they love most. Ready to get started? Reviews Review Policy. New for Patrons: we've added search on creator pages! Now you can easily find the content you're looking for, just view the creator's page and search for what you want.

We've also fixed a few bugs to improve the overall app experience. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Tapas — Comics and Novels. Tapas Media, Inc. Beyond Webtoons and Webnovels.

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New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system.

Patreon’s new fees are surprisingly low

InPatreon rolled out a new fee structure. Every creator with an existing Patreon account will automatically be grandfathered into the Pro tier with no changes being made to their account. In addition, the proposed fee of 2. The extra cost isn't tiny if you pledge small amounts to many creators. We are a membership platform that empowers a strong relationship between creators and their fans. But we have gone to extremes to be very thoughtful about this. In conversations with some Patreon creators, indeed, they have a few early thoughts on the tiered membership idea—and what they think Patreon should be focused on instead.

The primary complaint comes down to a lack of flexibility in even this three-tiered offering. Because what are you really contributing? It was very clear from the beginning. But there are free videos on YouTube of what she did. That starts to be up there with some other monthly recurring costs.

Our priority is creators. Citrix MailChimp.

patreon lite

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